A Fresh Start….52 Ancestors


So it has been a very long year with not much time for family history hunts and blogging. Now life has settled down a bit, I have made a promise to myself to develop my genealogical skills a bit more and hopefully turn this lovely little hobby into something a bit more.

My research is currently a lot of certificates and records, names and dates and I would like to start putting all of this into a bit more of a family story. Making these people who I am learning more and more about every day into an actual person instead of facts and figures.

I am going to use some of the prompts from the blog of Amy Johnson Crow, No Story Too Small and her challenge 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks. Yes, I know its October and its week  but instead of aiming for one a week, I am just going to use the prompts that I have missed as and when I need them and start with week .

Week 1 was a “Fresh Start” so I have cheated a bit and used that for this post but I promise to tell some of my Ancestors stories.

Keep your eyes peeled!



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